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There’s no rule that says improving your posture should be hard work!

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What’s good posture?

Good posture is being relaxed, balanced and upright, It’s not being tense or holding yourself in one position. It’s about being comfortable in your own body, and being free to move easily, without stiffness or pain. Most people have tension causing pain – even if you slump, other stuff is tensing to stop you collapsing. And the posture that looks right for one person might not be right for you! Find out more about good posture here.

How does good posture help?

It helps EVERYTHING, from how you look, how you feel, how much energy you have, how much it hurts to work or drive, how stressed you are, how well you breathe, how people react to you at work, how confident you are, and how striking you look when you enter a room!

How do my courses help?

Each of my courses has been crafted with you in mind.

I want you to find life easy, fun, and comfortable, so I guide you through finding what’s right for you.

There’s no lying on the floor contorting yourself, or lifting heavy weights, or anything painful like that. Leave that to the gym-goers.

You can learn and practise these anywhere, at any time, at your leisure.

What’s not to like!

Upcoming courses

Active Mindfulness – Posture awareness on the go

Learn to keep confidently aware of your new great posture at work and at play – the vital component to keeping great posture!


Desk Posture – How to be comfortable at work

Sitting all day can be really uncomfortable, leaving you with a bad back, sore neck and shoulders or worse. Get that sorted!


Standing Desk Posture – Make it work for you

Make the most of your new standing desk without swapping sitting pain for standing pain. Learn how to transition easily to your new tool!


About me

For the last decade I’ve helped people improve their posture to reduce their pain and gain great quality of life. Working one-to-one privately and in group sessions for corporate clients, it’s meant I’ve built up a skillset that I want to share online. This means the courses I’ve built for you work. I’ve also added reviews of popular posture fixes and gadgets to this website so you can chose how to improve – by changing how you think, by exercising and stretching, or with gadgets – you’re free to choose!


“Calm, clear, clever instructions with immediate results (for me).” Kath Sharp

“Simple and concise. Excellent! The cost for the value was great. Highly recommend to others!” Barbara Mcanany

“Good work James. I really liked your work. It’s simple but effective. Thanks.” Ahmed Salem

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