Hi, I'm James

The Posture Man
Your Posture is My Business
Hi, I’m James! I’ve been helping you improve your posture for over a decade, helping you feel awesome and look amazing! And now you can join me too with easy online courses and workshops, helping you get the best of life.

My story

Over ten years ago I dropped my full-time job in IT and set up helping people reduce their pain in Cheshire, the heart of trendy Northern England’s golden belt.  At first it was tough but rewarding, helping with neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, you name it.

After a while, I started noticing something remarkable, that the people I helped were starting to look better – less stressed, more upright, more open and moving with more grace.

It wasn’t long before I realised there was a standard set of actions that I was first showing to people, and then sending them away to practise. Over time I learned to describe these mind and body exercises to people in a way that stuck, and that got me to thinking. Could I break out of one-to-one work and make it online? Could I develop a process that you could learn from a phone or computer, that anyone could take away and learn from, wherever and whoever they were?

Yes I could!

And that’s how you’ve found me here right now. Right now, there’s nothing in the way to stop you picking a course and feeling the benefit, without having to spend time, money and effort coming to see me in person. So here you are! Will you join me and make a positive change for your future, or will you pass? You’re free to chose…

My values and beliefs

Great posture isn't just for superstars

No matter who you are, there’s a way to look and feel better than you usually do. I may not be able to turn you into Wonder Woman or Superman, but I can help you make the best of everything you do have, that’s or sure.

We don't all want to sweat it out at the gym, or contort oursleves on a rubber mat for hours to get better

You might not have time, or money, or space, or want to be seen in a gym or at home putting yourself through torture. You can leave that to the gym-bunnies.

Conventional posture help just isn't working

Have you seen the people dolling out posture advice?You’ve either got the super-buff pinterest gods and goddesses who spend four hours a day working out, and don’t know what it feels like to be normal, like you. Or the usual suspects who sit there telling you your posture’s bad, when theirs is terrible! Give us a break!

Real people deserve real advice

You deserve advice you can use in the real world, at work or at play. Advice you can apply no matter where you are, or what you’re doing. You don’t expect instant gobsmacking results, but you do expect the people who matter around you to notice the difference, and to let you know. Real results for real people with realistic expectations and realistic desires.

Your best posture is unique to you!

Great posture should feel good, and you can’t get that by pulling your chin in, sticking your chest out and holding yourself straight. For starters it’s uncomfortable. It’s tiring too, you can’t hold that forever. And what happens when you get distracted? Back to the same old state. No, let me tell you, good posture feels comfortable, it looks comfortable, it is comfortable! So I show you how to get that great look and feeling without all the effort and pain you’d normally be asked to make.

By giving guidance, rather than positions, I’m showing you how to sit, stand and walk like you really should – easily, openly, and happily. That’s what you really deserve!