Bad Posture

Is your posture awful? Terrible? Painful and unflattering bad posture? Let’s take a look at that!

What bad posture looks like

Let’s face it, it’s easy to spot, ain’t it! Those good-posture people mill around, enjoying their confidence and looking and feeling great. But bad posture, well, it’s the bad posture that people really notice. And, double disaster, as well as feeling judged by them, it means we feel pretty rubbish too, don’t we!

Bad posture means looking down-beat, down-sized and down-trodden. I know, because I had bad posture. And I hated it. But there wasn’t much I could do about it, until I learned how to be aware of my posture in activity.

What bad posture says about you

Your bad posture says you have a hectic life. It says that you don’t have time to look after yourself as well as you’d like, which means that you might be in pain. It suggests that you aren’t truly body-aware. Probably that you try hard, and that you want more from life but you’re tired, and sore.

Bad posture and back pain

There’s no denying it, bad posture and back pain go hand in hand. Just like neck and chest pain, and often shoulder pain, your bad posture is probably making you hurt. If you’re out of balance, it means you’re having to put more effort into just sitting or standing there. And the effort is tension, and that tension causes pain. The more it hurts, the more tense you get, and there you are caught in a cycle of tension and pain. Let’s see if we can break you out of the cycle, shall we?

Bad posture and neck pain

Just like back pain, bad neck posture is a recipe for pain, you can almost see the pain, can’t you! Necks are meant to be free-moving, balanced, and mobile. But a tense neck pulls the curve tighter, which makes it hurt. Or for some, the tense neck stays straight, and looks upright, but it’s rigid and tense too. Either way, it hurts. Freeing tension in your neck and thereby finding an easy balance for your skull is the key to fixing your neck posture. There are a number of ways to achieve this, so let’s see how I can help.

Bad posture at the computer and office desk

It’s fair to say that computers, laptops and phones are the single biggest cause of bad posture. The screen grabs your attention and pulls you into it. Probably you’re reading this with bad posture, oh the irony! Fixing your posture with exercise isn’t really going to help much when you sit pulling yourself into a screen. The trick here is to learn how to have good posture first, then keep that posture going as you look into a screen. My courses are all about making that work, you should check them out!

Bad posture effects and symptoms of bad posture

Bad posture hurts. It makes you breathe more shallowly. It affects your confidence and how you look. It interferes with your digestion. It makes you feel more tired.

Need I go on?

Clothes don’t fit so well. Seats are uncomfortable. People don’t fancy you as much. I could keep going, but why bother, you know it all already or you wouldn’t be here.

It’s time to get your posture sorted.


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